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Meet our designer

vaughan founder lindsay narain

After fruitless searches for a "perfect white shirt", designer Lindsay Narain took matters into her own hands and founded VAUGHAN in 2012. "I wanted to create a beautiful, easy to wear shirt that was priced for stocking up and not a precious piece meant only for special occasions", says Narain.

Lindsay's grandmother and classic Hollywood film stars sparked a lot of her initial inspiration.  In tribute to her grandmother Beatrice, a small bee is embroidered on each shirt.  Katharine Hepburn and Bettie Page were early muses as well. "Much like my customers, they were multifaceted, independent women with a strong sense of style", says Lindsay.

With a career background in both advertising an e-commerce, Lindsay has truly merged her love of fashion and styling with online retailing to create VAUGHAN.  To date, VAUGHAN shirts have been sold on five continents and various publications have dubbed Lindsay as a "designer to watch" as VAUGHAN continues to achieve critical acclaim.

Born in Massachusetts, USA, Lindsay studied marketing and communications at Bentley University and went on to work in New York City before relocating to Asia.  Lindsay currently resides in Singapore with her husband, son, daughter and dog, Lady.