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Vaughan Classic silk The perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Meet your new favorite Silk clothing collections.

VAUGHAN is an independent fashion label specializing in classic silk dresses designed with modern women in mind.

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Lifestyle Journal

Thank you for 8 terrific years!

After eight years, I have made the decision to end operations at VAUGHAN. Without a doubt, developing and creating VAUGHAN has been the single most exciting and fulfilling experience of my professional life. Thank you! The credit is due mostly...

Bordeaux winter palette

Bordeaux winter palette

It's official: bordeaux is the new black and we've got the whole Winter ahead of us to gorge ourselves on this sumptuous hue. With a rich colour palette inspired by the boozy French export, the fashion mafia have run amuck this...

How to get Amal Clooney's work week style

How to get Amal Clooney's work week style

Proving you can eat your cake, and have the man, too, Amal Clooney is a shining example of bread-winning women at their finest. A bad-ass barrister, activist, author and fashion authority, the internationally celebrated human-rights powerhouse cultivated her own presence...

our story

written by Lindsay Narain

After fruitless searches for a "perfect white shirt", designer Lindsay Narain took matters into her own hands and founded VAUGHAN in 2012. "I wanted to create a beautiful, easy to wear shirt that was priced for stocking up and not a precious piece meant only for special occasions", says Narain. Lindsay's grandmother and classic Hollywood film stars sparked a lot of her initial inspiration.  In tribute to her grandmother Beatrice, a small bee is embroidered on each shirt.  Katharine Hepburn... Continue Reading

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